Oncological imaging is the study of cancer; detection, staging, and treatment results.  The Molecular Imaging Department at Sun Radiology is the center of our practice. We specialize in Oncological Molecular Imaging.  For many types of cancer early detection is the key to effective treatment.  It is our mission to detect cancer earlier at a molecular level. Our fellowship trained radiologists are experienced in reading over thousands of oncology cases. Sun Radiology was the first imaging center to bring PET/CT technology to Arizona and we remain as the leader in cancer imaging today.

Oncological imaging uses various methods and modalities to produce images of the body and to determine if cancer is present. Oncological Molecular Imaging uses PET/CT andNuclear Medicine scanners that take images of the body as it is functioning, unlike other diagnostic modalities such as CTand MRI that image the body structure. By combining both technologies molecular imaging allows radiologists to see exactly where metabolic activity is located and better understand what is happening at a cellular level.  Oncological imaging also serves a major role in determining the stage (how advanced the disease has spread) of the cancer and assists physicians in choosing the best treatment plan. In addition these images can detect precise locations of tumors to aid surgeons in surgery, determine the primary source of the cancer and monitor treatment success.