The neuroradiologists at Sun Radiology are experts on diseases and injuries of the brain, head, neck and spine. These specially trained radiologists use advanced neuroimaging techniques including PET/CT, MRI and CT to diagnose and assist in treatment planning for diseases of the central nervous system.

Sun Alzheimer’s Institute Memory Diagnostic Center a division of Sun Radiology was formed to promote early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Sun Alzheimer’s Institute offers free memory screening to the community as part of our commitment to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s. We are proud to partner with other organizations in the quest to end Alzheimer’s disease in this generation. We also offer access to an advanced neuropsychological assessment administered by our in house psychologist.

Sun Radiology is the leader in molecular imaging. We were the first to offer the PET/CT Amyloid Scan which can detect amyloid plaques in the brain consistent with Alzheimer’s disease. Prior to this scan, approved by the FDA in 2012, the amyloid plaques could only be seen during autopsy. The new Amyloid PET/CT technology has opened the landscape for new innovative research and treatments.