mam1A Mammogram is a study used by physicians to detect breast disease. By using a low dosage of radiation this form of x-ray can give physicians a view inside of the body. A recent enhancement to mammography is Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) and Computer Aided Detection (CAD). Sun Radiology is proud to offer women the most advanced technologies available in the fight for early detection of breast disease.

Sun Radiology offers both screening and diagnostic Full Field Digital Mammography.

How to Prepare for a Mammogram

When scheduled for a yearly screening mammograms expect the exam to last no longer than 15 minutes. A diagnostic mammogram will take approximately 30 minutes as more images are required for this exam. If you are nursing, pregnant or may be pregnant please inform the technologist.

mam2It is important that you obtain any prior films or disks with images of your previous mammogram and bring them with you to your appointment. Your prior images will be used by the radiologist for comparison to the new images to determine any changes in breast tissue.

Because some women report discomfort during the compression of the breast tissue you may prefer to schedule the mammogram at a time when your breasts are less sensitive.

On the day of your mammogram do not use any lotions, powders, antiperspirants or deodorants to the chest or under arm areas. You will be asked to remove all garments from the top portion of your body and be given a gown to wear during the examination.

The Digital Mammography scanner stands upright and you will be positioned in front of it. The scanner is designed to accommodate several different positions and includes accessories that allow different compressions of the breast, and allow exposure to the breast area only.

mam3The technologist will position the breast into the unit on a platform and compress the breast tissue with a special paddle. While the images are being acquired the technologist will stand behind a plastic screen and view the images on a computer screen.

After the mammogram you can return to your normal activities.

You will receive a letter from Sun Radiology with the results of your mammogram. Additionally, your physician will receive a report from the radiologist with the results of the examination.