What does PET stand for?

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Dr Sra: PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography. PET is an advance imaging technology that provides physicians with Biochemical Imaging information to support the physician with their clinical diagnosis. This in turn will help the physician to formulate a unique treatment plan specific to each individual patient and their diseases process and their specific clinical daignosis. A PET scan produces images of physiological function while measuring the metabolic changes inside the patient’s body and vital organs. Today one of PET’s most important purposes is to support the physician’s detection of cancer, dementia and heart diseases before structural changes are seen through other imaging modalities such as MRI or CT. PET detects diseases in the human body before the onset of clinical signs and symptoms. PET is very useful in detecting cancer recurrence in patients that have completed all treatment and are clinically in remission. PET can detect cancer, dementia and heart diseases in normal appearing organs and in patients who have no clinical signs and symptoms of diseases and are otherwise “healthy”. If you have a diagnosis of cancer and never had a PET scan or had a PET scan several years ago and are considered “cancer free” , call our office and our physyican can discuss with you in confidence if you are clinically eligible for a surevillance or re-check whole body PET scan. The PET scan will detect tiny cancer cells at a molecular level at its earliest stage and thereby giving you a real chance to fight the cancer. A yearly PET scan for cancer check can save your life.